Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an Internet Café ?

We offer free WiFi in our house.
Is there an ATM in Salema ? Yes, at the back of the oval building on the square.
How do I get to Salema by Public Transport?

Buses and trains from Lisbon and the North, and Spain to the East, come as far as the town of Lagos. From here you will need to catch a local bus, destination SAGRES and ask to get off in Salema village. NOTE not all Sagres Buses actually come into Salema, ask before you board, or risk a 2km walk from the main road to the village...................... I recommend a TAXI ..the cost from Lagos to the Maré is around 25 Euros.

Do Rooms have Air Conditioning ? Only Rooms 3, 4 and 6 have Air conditioning. Even in high summer the temperature drops at night, it is more likely that you will need a sweater if you are out in an evening. There are probably only a few nights in mid summer when it can be uncomfortable.We do have fans available on request.

Where is The Maré if we arrive by bus?

Right above You !!

How far is the Maré from the Beach ?

About 150 meters

Is there parking ?


We don't have a private Car Park, but there is safe parking in the village in walking distance to our house.
Can Apartments have breakfast ? No, we have just 6 tables in our dining room, and they have to be reserved for B&B clients. There are lots of places in town to take breakfast if you don't want to self cater.