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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get to Salema by Public Transport?

Buses and trains from Lisbon, Porto, Spain, etc., come as far as the town of Lagos. From Lagos then you will need to catch a local bus with  destination to SAGRES and ask to get off in Salema village. NOTE not all Sagres buses actually come into Salema, some only passes around - ask before you board, or risk a 2km walk from the main road to the village.

If you prefer a more easy way you can get a TAXI or transfer - you can ask Daniela to book any of this for you.

Where is The Maré if we arrive by bus?

Right above You !!

Just take off the bus, look to your right and there's A Maré above the hill.

Do Rooms have Air Conditioning ?

All of our Apartments, Studios as well as B&B Rooms are equipped with air conditioning units that both cools down in the summer or heats up in the winter.

How far is the Maré from the Beach?

About 50 Meters ! !

A Maré is right in the center of Salema in front of the ocean, you just need to walk about 50 meters and you'll be directly into the beach.

Can Apartments have breakfast ?

A Maré breakfast area has a limited amount of space so breakfast - when not included - is not allways available. For more information about this please e-mail Daniela directly or go to our "Contact" section!

Is there an ATM in Salema ?

Yes, but most of the ones you find in Salema are all privately owned and charge extra fees. You have only one public ATM in the village that doesn't charge extra fees, this ATM is outside the shop of The Way Tours just in front of the beach to your left side.

Is there parking ?

We don't have a private Car Park, but there is safe and easy parking in the village in walking distance to our house. More informations about parking will be provided to you after booking with us.